Osho Sammasati is in the gardens of the golden basin, in a bright and fragrant land. It is a center of meditation where the message "Be a light onto yourself" invites us to take care of ourselves and of the Earth that hosts us; In fact, it wants to be freed from fatalism and misery It is an oasis of light for individual and collective evolution in synchronicity with the Existence and in respect of Mother Earth. The property has five guest rooms. There is also a kitchen equipped for guests, a large dining room, a large meditation room with a bathroom-dressing room and a room for individual treatments. Outside there is a large terrace-parking area from which you can see the golden basin, the city, Monte Pellegrino, the sea and the sky that seem to meet on the horizon giving a sense of vastness. Next door there is a wooden bungalow: an apartment with independent services and a garden of citrus and Mediterranean vegetation that borders open fields that go down to the bed of the river Oreto.