Paragyan: PRANA IN ACTION ... in the homeland galere (year 2003) "My meditations are intended to bring you back to your childhood, to the time when you were not respectable people, at the time when you could be crazy, at the time you were innocent, not yet corrupted by society, at the time you did not yet learned the tricks of the world, at the time when you did not belong to this world, but to the other. " Osho. Prana in action is to live "in the eye of the storm", an operative instrument with which there is nothing "to do" if not to accept life and life situations without "resignation", feel or understand that within these are unsuspectable "escape routes" beyond tensions, anxieties and problems. From the point of view of the social worker Prana in action gives oxygen and vital energy to a sick society. Inside and outside the prisons that segregate the body and mortify the spirit, the experience of Prana in its simplicity and naturalness has a great cathartic value, offers and indicates a path of deepening and understanding of the energy blocks "incarcerated" in the body-psyche and reflected in the relationship between individual / environment. The state of imprisonment would lead us to repress vitality, to hold our breath, to control our feelings and emotions, to lock ourselves even further into ourselves and to separate ourselves from the world, but as long as there is life there ... Prana and conscience in here and now, always at our disposal even starting from the limits imposed by the prison. Certainly it is a great limitation not to move freely on the earth's surface and enjoy a beautiful sunny day on the beach, but sometimes an individual in particularly difficult or limiting conditions can be saved thanks to an incredible power that seems to arise from the deepest part of himself: his perceptions suddenly become acute, his body awareness intensifies, a courage and an intelligence emerge in him that he generally does not possess, an unusual mastery over his mind and emotions. In an exceptional situation only what is necessary to face the emergency remains. E 'in these "ghettos" saturated with noise all the same, excessive, metallic, unnatural that you can see "the flowers that come from the mud". Both in the penitentiary treatment area and in any difficult life situations, Prana in action is "the good news": that the often powerful and intrusive forces that penetrate the individual from outer space can be identified ... and perhaps transformed. Prana in action has its roots in compassion and intuition, the only one that allows us to understand what is moving in the soul of people, the sense of a face or a look. The meaning of a gesture or a handshake ... of a moment of authentic communication, the ability to listen also to what the other does not say or is unable to say. But inside a punitive and correctiveist culture that promotes guilt and removes pain and considers deviance those who are not "normal", to speak of alchemy of transformation through the methods of meditation is perhaps unacceptable for many because they offer new and revolutionary models of intervention educational rich transformative power beyond the strict medical and psychoanalytic knowledge. But we know from our direct experience that minorities are bearers of values ​​and knowledge that challenge the beliefs and idols of majorities, so we must persevere. Prana in action is an experimentation activity that shares experiences and knowledge acquired "on the field" concrete interventions and tools to support re-education in its most literal and essential sense, like a small candle lit in the night. It is a new culture of re-education beyond the extremes of the absolute segregation of the prison world and of the myth of reintegration supported by a moralistic or idyllic vision. In the life of the recluse the place of punishment is the same place of treatment and rehabilitation, this is unfortunately a fact, not airy and human-sized environments but structures designed exclusively according to a logic strictly aimed at internal security: dilapidated and unhealthy buildings with no space suitable for educational, recreational, socializing activities. We have structured a "Buddha hall" inside the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo, now transferred to the female section of the same, ideally it does not belong to the prison itself, it is a place where participants can feel free to experiment without supervision or control in sharing, dance, dynamic or traditional meditation; they gradually start to value this space and take care of it. In prison, "free time" often represents the totality of time available to prisoners; meditation leads the recluse to the rediscovery and enhancement of "the creative idleness" of pure presence, that is relaxation without too many occupations and worries. Prana in action is to share something even when it seems that there are no conditions to do it, it is a job that sometimes seems difficult, accomplished in agreement and more often in spite of rigid administrative structures, bureaucratic difficulties, conflicts with the prison police etc. but for those who, like me, have lived and live as an "outsider", there is the awareness that there is nothing to lose, indeed Prana in action gives me a clearer awareness in moving in an energetically unbalanced environment remaining inside a ship in which I always feel guided and protected as the water that flows around the boulders and goes with the river. The results obtained and the entries of the course participants (available on the website express a desire for freedom and a call that comes from the deepest part of being. For everyone, in the extreme variety and difference of the members of the group, there is an original awareness of the seeds and benefits that the practice of these methods brings into their lives. Sw.Paragyan c / o Sammasati - Center for meditation on social promotion.