The Sammasati Social Promotion Association through its representative dr. Vincenzo Fatta Paragyàn, has conducted experiences, meetings and courses in bioenergetics and meditation within the Pagliarelli district since the year 2000 for ordinary prisoners with problems of drug addiction, for female and minority inmates at the Malaspina juvenile prison. The reading courses aim to teach prisoners to discover and cultivate an INTERIOR FREEDOM beyond the external circumstances. DISCOVER CENTRATION AND FREEDOM 'INNER ALSO WITH A CONSTRUCTIVE AND PUNITIVE ENVIRONMENT where positive stimuli are often lacking and help guests of the house to discover the hidden "power" that emerges in exceptional circumstances. Since we are not external operators in any way part of the prison institution and not playing an institutional role within it, we share the methods and techniques of meditation, support and disinterested friendship, love for oneself and for the life and practice of meditation as the first and last freedom. The Sammasati Association periodically proposes and conducts programs within its own structure for the benefit of operators in the socio-pedagogical area, social workers and prison educators, in which the following points are explored: - how to promote and space a space of meditation in the prison -problematic and difficulties within the prison institution. - Meditation as a method to realize the educational purpose - Meditation methods with a secular and scientific approach.

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